“”PRE ORDER ~ SALLY Organic Native Floral Board (Pick your size)

  • $435.00

This listing is for 1x SALLY Organic Native Floral and Wildflower Board, which will be within a 10 - 14 week time to handmake + additional freight time to your location.

All Boards are made with Australian and locally sourced Native flowers and Wildflowers, they have been dried and preserved in resin.

The Floral board you receive will differ from the images shown. Each is individually made by hand, I do however use a similar mix of florals in all my pieces. I will incorporate a beautiful piece of wattle. 

4 sizes available to select 

  • 300mm x 400mm x approximately 3-4cm thick.
  • 230mm x 450mm x approximately 3-4cm thick. 
  • 300mm x 460mm x approximately 3-4cm thick. 
  • 300mm x 600mm x approximately 3-4cm thick. 
  • The wood is Wattle.
  • Hand wash only, do not put me in the dishwasher. Do not let me soak in water as I may swell and pull away from the resin.
  • Wipe down and completely dry with a soft cloth.

Due to the hand made nature of this product some bubbles and/or imperfections may be found on closer inspection.

Postage time will depend on your location.




  1. Wooden boards should not be soaked or put in the dishwasher.
  2. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Use a food-safe 
    mineral oil to nourish the board and enhance 
    its natural characteristics.
  3. This is best practice advise for all wooden chopping boards, 
    whether they are resin decorated or not.


  1. Yes, however like with anything that regularly has a knife 
    slicing on it, Scratches will appear over time, the artwork 
    will remain the same. (you may just see scratches when you hold it under light). Resin is an incredibly strong material. 

Please do not put me in the dishwasher, and no hot pots directly on me for long periods.

I would also recommend to avoid cutting on the resin area
for longevity of the product.

Plus I'm Pretty Beautiful ;)