“”PRE ORDER ~ Arch Desk Clock

  • $165.00
Gold face
Silver face

This listing is for 1x Arch resin and native floral desk clock with choice of gold or silver 55mm insert face.

Process time to create will be 6-8 weeks 

Please check your purchase for color if face.



Battery included 

(Notes): It has a rubber gasket to securely hold the clock face insert in place, so a fingernail will release and pull face out for time and battery change.
Battery is model PC 21 and is included and installed, and a plastic clip allows for locking out battery until you set the time and engage the battery upon receiving, And it states the battery has 2 years of life time. Any jeweller should be able to change battery if couldn’t do it yourself (must check if battery can be replaced) unable to do so at present due to isolated location.